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- Sombra ao sol (2023) by Frederico Portas and Tomás Agostinho   

[PT] Curatorial text about the exhibition Sombra ao sol [shadow in the sun], featuring works by Joana Patrão and Lourdes Castro


- Arboroscene (2021) by Denise Wieslhuber, Jeanne Pasquet, Joana Flor Rato

[EN] Curatorial text about the project Arboroscene: reflections on decaypart of The Fold(s)


- Sky of salt, salt of the earth (2020) by Luísa Santos

[EN/PT]  Curatorial text about the project Sky of salt, salt of the earth


- Onde os olhos não tocam (2023) by Leonor Carrilho

[EN/PT] Curatorial text about the collective exhibition Onde os olhos não tocam, featuring works by Joana Patrão, Juliana Matsumura and Rosanna Bach. Orla and Aerolito were first presented there.


- Nature tuned to a dead channel (2022) by Ana Begonha and Tomás Agostinho

[PT] Curatorial text about the collective exhibition Nature tuned to a dead channel, featuring works by Bruno José Silva, Joana Patrão, and Marco Pestana. Mapas de toque [Maps of touch] was first presented there.


- Lab box #1  - Interviews with curator Luísa Santos and artist Joana Patrão (2020) by Júlia Flamingo

[PT] Interviews about the project Sky of salt, salt of the earth


- Livro das transfigurações [Book of transfigurations] - Artist book by Adriana Romero and Joana Patrão

[PT] Book about the project Livro das transfigurações, featuring original texts by:


Ana Mariz.

Bruno Alexandre.

Diogo Tudela,

Golgona Anghel.

Gonçalo Cruz, 

Luís Fernandes (foreword).

Adriana Romero and Joana Patrão (introduction)

Design by: Clara Pessanha and Raquel Peixoto

Supported by: Garantir Cultura, Portuguese Republic - Ministry of Culture and gnration

Buy at Loja das CurtasLivraria i2ads, Matéria prima

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