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Arboroscene: reflections on decay

Curated by

Denise Wieslhuber, Jeanne Pasquet and Joana Flor Rato

The Fold(s), 4Cs

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Arboroscene: reflections on decay   2021

is part of The Fold(s)a curatorial project composed of four books operating as four individual exhibitions:

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    Arboroscene: reflections on decay results from closely witnessing the disease and decay of an apple tree. The ongoing process of recording its metamorphosis became a symbolic substitute for its presence, in time and space. Photography, through its fragmentary quality, frames attention at different levels of involvement, from contemplation, to approximation and immersion. In turn, written records accompany different thoughts, arising in direct contact with the tree. If in the western tradition, trees are widely represented in books as schematic drawings, organizers of thought, here, the relationship is inverted and it is the written thought that twists and disorganizes itself, following the organic shapes of the tree. This project witnesses an encounter, arising from coexistence, sharing of common ground, and from an exercise of care and attention.

    Thinking of the book as an exhibition, the horizontal and vertical axes are organized according to the movements of growth and decay, starting at the root and ending with a return to the earth, in a cyclical process.

Read the curatorial text by Denise Wieslhuber, Jeanne Pasquet and Joana Flor Rato

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Part of the publication: 
The Fold(s) - a curatorial project of the MA and PHD students in Culture Studies, Lisbon Consortium,  Faculty of Human Sciences, Universidade Católica Portuguesa (FCH-UCP)  
Artistic direction: Luísa Santos
Graphic design: Raquel Guerreiro
Printing and binding: Ondagrafe
Edition: 20 + 9 exhibition copies
Support: 4CS - co-funded by Creative Europe

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