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collaboration with Adriana Romero
Museu da Imagem, Braga

Ceraunia (I)    2019
Exhibition view at Museu da Imagem, Braga

     The project “Ceraunia” comes from a relation of convergence between some archaeological findings from the city of Braga, on a proposal of dialogue between 3 elements: the Roman inscription on a stone that is now part of Sé Cathedral, that attests the formal refoundation of the city, involving the burial of a lightning; Fonte do Ídolo - the rock Sanctuary (curiously located in the current Rua do Raio (Lightning Street) and which includes iconography associated with the thunder, namely the stone hammer located on the pediment on top of the statue of Tongoe Nabiago (water god); and the bifaces, tools that testify the oldest records of man-made tools (as the multiple pieces that are stored at Museu de Arqueologia D.Diogo de Sousa). On the popular belief, bifaces were understood as Ceraunias* or Thunderstones, because they were found buried in the ground, it was believed that they had fallen with the lightning (with their pointed format would resemble the tip of a lightning).
     The convergence is then made, not only from the inevitable symbolic coincidences but also from the material element of stone, as a symbol of magical intervention.
     Speculating around the elements and contexts referred, we conceived the stone walls of Museu da Imagem both as a surface of projection and as scenography, part of a symbolical overlap.

* from the Greek, keraunos, thunderbolt


Refoundation stone    2019
video projection on stone, 5’, 16:9, color, no sound


Lightning burial    2019
video projection on rear screen, 7’, 16:9, color, sound

With: Tomé Azevedo

Musical piece: Oração a Santa Bárbara de Cláudio Carneyro

Performed by "Capítulo": Ana Catarina Caseiro, soprano  /  Marta Martins, soprano  /  Adriana Romero, alto  /  Gonçalo Sério Limpo, tenor  /  Tomé Azevedo, bass


Ceraunia, or Thunderstone    2019
stone and burnt soil (Falperra, 2019) in showcase, orange led light


About the lightning and curious interpretations about handaxes (bifaces)    2019
video projection on rear screen, 40’, 16:9, color, sound


With testimonials from:  Pedro Xavier and Amélia Marques (Museu de Arqueologia D.Diogo de Sousa)
Narrated by: Adriana Romero
Drawing byJoana Patrão

Supported by: Fundação Bracara Augusta / Braga Media Arts

Special thanks to:  Museu de Arqueologia D. Diogo de Sousa

                                          Fonte do Ídolo

                                          Amélia Marques, Pedro Xavier, Tomé Azevedo, Capítulo

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