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On the cosmic night

collaboration with Adriana Romero
Laboratórios de verão, gnration

Sailing through the cosmic ocean   2017
video projection,16:9, color, 50'', loop

projection on the outdoor courtyard, gnration, Braga 

     A body sails through cosmic waters. Recovering a mythological imaginary of creation (a cosmogony) in which the Universe (and the Earth) are shaped from a promordial liquid, we evoke a myriad of creation myths, present, for example, in the Tucano culture (tribes from the northeast of Amazon river), the budism and hinduism. Embodying this imaginary, "On the cosmic night" presents a creative body, that dives into the primordial waters and that spreads, from the center – center of the self and center of the universe –, personifying the idea of center present on the mythology of creation. From a small particle of matter, the "cosmic egg", all universe eclodes. The chaos-cosmos dynamics, the implosion-explosion movement appear on the different gestures of the cosmic body, but are also questioned by the fragmentary presence of the images (slides). These reveal the exercise of fabrication of these images, mixing relations of scale and matter, introducing a paralel imaginary – of encenation –, which supports the project.

Sailing through the cosmic ocean   2017
video,16:9, color, 50'', loop


On the cosmic night   2017
Exhibition views

Creation of the world   2017
video projection, 16:9, color, 3'20'', loop

with Laura Romero and Tomé Azevedo

Navel-serpent  2017
video projection, 16:9, color, 6', loop, zinc plate, 40x65 cm

with Laura Romero and Tomé Azevedo


Chaos  2017
video projection, 4:3, color, 30'', loop, zinc plate, 23x30,5 cm


Cosmic egg I / II  2017
black and white slide projection


On the cosmic night   2017


Exhibition views


Surfaces 2017
slide film on light box, 30,8x36,6 cm


Experiments on forged worlds   2017
5 collected objects, 5 magnifiers, led's, installation w/ 130cm length

Mountain-navel II   2017
paraffin wax and blue pigment, 18x19 cm


Map   2017
ink on tracing paper and glassine paper, laser print on tracing paper, 100x50 cm 

Supported by: Fundação Bracara Augusta / gnration

Special thanks to: Laura Romero and Tomé Azevedo

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