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The flowing line  

Lugar do Desenho, Fundação Júlio Resende

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Natural drawing. The water flows in the line    2019
Exhibition view at Lugar do Desenho - Fundação Júlio Resende

    This exhibition arises from an idea of ​​confluence between the act of drawing the sea and the incorporation of its fluidity. It is the identification of the line with the fluidity of the water, the perception of the layers of rock as lines drawn along the fluidity of time. It is also the recognition of the body and, consequently, of the gesture and its instabilities, as part of a natural discourse.
    Addressing two ways of encounter with the sea, the exhibition also adopts two paths, evoking different temporalities. On the one hand, it presents an attempt to match the drawn line with the undulation, in a haptic exercise that requires the presence of the sea. On the other hand, there is an idea of composing an autonomous sea, dictated by the commitment to draw a daily sea.
     This exhibition gives access to the process of dialogue with the sea, with several encounter exercises, with fragments of thoughts and, finally, with the materialization of a sea, built through the language of drawing. An ultimate form of identification with the referent, symbolically brought to the exhibition space.



The line as a trace of the wave movement    2015
pen on tracing paper, 15 x 20 cm


Diaries - composed sea (notes)  2019-...
pen on tracing paper, 75 x 151 cm
from notes present in Diaries - a daily sea (2015-,,,), series of diaries, pen on paper.

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Diaries - composed sea    2016-2019
black and white prints on acetate, 237 x 378 cm. 612 drawings from Diaries - a daily sea (2015-,,,), series of diaries, pen on paper.

Diaries - composed sea   2016-2019
black and white prints on acetate, 612 drawings, 237 x 378 cm.
From Diaries - a daily sea (2015-...), series of diaries, pen on paper.


Natural drawing    (no date)
stone collected at Rio de Moinhos beach, Esposende

2 - 17.09.2015 - 19h38-20h43 Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu, Helsinki.jpg

Diaries -   a daily sea   2015-...
series of diaries, pen on paper.

    To draw a sea each day is the proposition which origins these diaries.
    Begun in September 16th, 2015, they are a continuous project. Done every day, the duration, the date and the place are written down. They are assumed as natural phenomena, following a pattern and yet being unrepeatable. They are essentially meditative drawings, which recall the sea or intend to capture new undulations. They are manifestations of my internal fluctuations or reverberations of external situations.

    The exercise is simple - starting from a horizontal line, on the top of the page, in the gap in the middle of the diary, successive lines are drawn, absorbing and repeating the instabilities of my gesture, my natural/organic flaws, my own waviness. The line drawn is a trace of the body, a statement of presence.
    The failures of the body, resultant of the tiredness, of subtle uncontrolled spasms, influence the drawn lines. In addition, the boundaries between what happens in the drawing and the context are dissolved. I search for mechanisms to not control entirely the image (apart from the uncontrol of the body). Leaving the drawing open to the influence of the environment, the conditions in which it is made implying, with that, that this is also a manifestation of that environment.

    In the exhibition context, these drawings are presented in extent, as a portion of the sea - a sea that grows in surface as my days pass by. It's a simulated sea and each time it is presented it becomes bigger, carrying as many drawings as the days that pass between each presentation.

5 minutes of drawing - cieba, FBAUL

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