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Sea imprints

Joana Patrao - Processo de captacao de ondas - Impressoes maritimas.JPG

Process of imprinting sea waves   2015
Praia de Suave Mar, Esposende.

    The project “Sea prints” (2015-2018) comes from a continuous process of natural engagement, the immersion in the sea (Atlantic Ocean), in different moments and with different media. With the intention of capturing images within the continuous wave flux I enter in the sea with an inked plate – the waves remove part of the ink, leaving their imprint. The resulting images have a direct coincidence with the forms assumed by the wave in the moment of impact, overcoming the condition of representation to become a presentation of an action. They work both as documents of presence and a symbolic transference of the creative act to Nature where the body is a vehicle for the natural image to appear.
     On a later stage, a new insertion on the maritime flux is given through the use of the cliché-verre technique introducing transparent surfaces and the possibility of heliography. From distance, the creation of multiples is envisioned as a way of continuation of the collected waves, apart from the initial experience.
The images acquire their own natural mutability, which manifests itself in different temporalities: the instant interaction of light on the metal plates; the participation of sunlight in the cliché-verre process; the formation of salt crystals which invokes a longer time.
     The identification with natural patterns of interaction and the creation of images that consider a natural agency allows us to rethink relations of estrangement, promoting a different way of being in Nature.

5_Impressões maritimas_2015_tinta calcografica soluvel em agua, agua do mar, agua da chuva

Sea imprints   2015


Exhibition view at oMuseu - FBAUP

6_Captacao de uma onda_Registo 1_2015_tinta calcografica soluvel em agua, agua do mar, cri

Sea imprints    2015


inked aluminium plate w/calcographic water soluble ink, rain water and salt water, 45x50 cm


Sea imprints    2017


inked aluminium plates  with calcographic water soluble ink, rain water and salt water, salt crystals

7-_Impressões marítimas, matrizes de cliché-verre, tinta calcográfica soluvel em agua, agu

Reception of a wave (matrix)    2015

cliché-verre - water soluble ink, sea water on glass, light table, variable dimensions

10_Captação de uma onda (matriz 2 - registo 2), heliografia.jpg

Reception of a wave (matrix 2 - 2)    2018

heliograph, 24x17,5 cm

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