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The book of transfigurations

collaboration with Adriana Romero
online at gnration
Livro das transfiguracoes #5 - gnration(1).00_01_06_36.Quadro001.jpg

As a result of an invitation from gnration to develop a new artistic work, Adriana Romero and Joana Patrão present the “Livro das transfigurações” [The book of transfigurations], a series of pieces that cross sound, video, photography, drawing and text, wondering about the origins of the simulacrum and image deviations.

In a series of seven chapters, presented online on the gnration website, Adriana Romero and Joana Patrão propose a journey through the metamorphosis of the same idea, which is manifested in recurring images, recovered from ancient myths, dystopian fictions and computer programs . They are stories of doubles: the myth of Pygmalion, the Invention of Morel and the enchanted "moiras", the first contour of the shadow - testimony of an absence, the image that turns into life or the life that is, after all, an image -, between the mythological simulacrum and digital simulation. They follow the obsession of an image that seeks its referent – ​​one could also say the aura – and that in this process repeats its creation and destruction. Attempts at incarnation are refracted into different, disaggregated and cumulative ones, revealing their substitutive nature.


Supported by:  gnration

Special thanks to: Luís Fernandes

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