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Grão - residências artísticas, Quinta das Relvas


Cultivo [Cultivation]    2019-2020

installation: clay, rainwater, and spring water on bamboo paper, rear screen video projection , 9:16, 3'36'', no sound, 75 x 165 x 165 cm.

Exhibition view at Grão 2020, Antiga Capitania, Aveiro.

How to plant a drawing?
    Clay, an infertile soil for the growth of vegetation, becomes the matter of speculation for the "plantation" of a series of drawings. Arranged at the horizontal level, the possibility of growth is presented only in the form of a changing shadow, a synthetic form of tree, metaphorizing itself continuously.
    The cultivation dynamics is considered in the process (and suggested in the installation), the clay, simultaneously operating on a natural and a cultural level, is explored according to different gestures, interactions between the hand and matter, earth and water. Between the direct use of hands with clay to make the drawings to uncontrolled clay and water depositions, limited only to a circular shape, its plastic, poetic, imaginative potential is explored. Beyond the relationships between material and immaterial, gesture and shadow, drawing and projection, there is a search for the invisible metamorphosis (Michael Marder), the growth that takes place in a time that surpasses our perception.

   Cultivation is also assumed as a material reflection, which is based on in the tree as a cosmic symbol, center of relationship: heaven-earth, water-earth, life-death. A tribute to natural times.

Cultivo [Cultivation]    2019-2021

installation: rear screen video projection, 9:16, 3'36'', no sound

Joana_Patrao_Cultivo_desenhos_1 (2).jpg

Cultivo [Cultivation]    2019-2021

installation: clay, rainwater, and spring water on bamboo paper, 75 x 165 x 165 cm.


Artist residency at:  Grão -residências artísticas (2019), Quinta das Relvas, Albergaria-a-velha

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